Where were you on September 11, 2001?

Growing up, I’d heard older people tell stories at get-togethers that often began, “I remember exactly where I was when . . .” I knew that whatever happened altered the person’s world in some way, and I hoped I’d never witness an event where I’d say the same thing some day. But then, September 11… Read more »

Huffington Post: To Remember 9/11, Read a Book

I never dreamed my book would make it to the Huffington Post. This is such an honor, and I’m quite humbled. Thanks so much for including Just a Drop of Water in this article Saadia Faruqi. And thank you, Gae Polisner for letting Saadia know about my book. Readers, I hope you’ll check out each… Read more »

Good Dogs, Bad Dogs

These cuties are my rescue pups. Sometimes they escape my yard and run for hours–a not-so-fun game of hide-and-seek–or they’ll fight with each other over food. One is super smart (she’s a Border Collie) and if one of the other dogs is in her spot, she’ll simply go to the door, wait for me to… Read more »