Coming October 1, 2024 from Carolrhoda Books, an imprint of Lerner Publishing

COVER ART by Ash Roy

An empowering new middle-grade contemporary novel, Make a Little Wave, entails a conservation-focused plot reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen’s works, charming first-person narration similar to Ali Benjamin’s The Thing About Jellyfish, and an #OwnVoices deaf protagonist.

Animal lover Sav feels lost after her family moves to a new town, but things start looking up when Tanner invites her to his family’s restaurant opening—until they serve shark fin soup. Making the soup requires “finning,” an inhumane method of killing sharks. When Tanner’s family brushes off her concerns, Sav knows it’s up to her to convince them to stop. However, the more passionate she becomes, the less anyone seems to listen. After butting heads with her friends, family, and Tanner about her increasingly reckless methods of activism, Sav’s ready to quit. But then she learns her senator is planning to vote against a bill that would ban finning statewide. Now, Sav needs to figure out if she’s truly given up on saving the sharks, or if she still has it in her to raise her voice—the right way, this time—to make a little wave.

Sav, our deaf main character who hears with the help of cochlear implants, is a relatable and inspiring protagonist who sometimes finds herself at a loss for words but is never short on passion. 


Praise for Make a Little Wave

“A heartfelt and powerful exploration of one girl’s journey to find not just her voice but a way to be heard. I loved Sav’s passion, her flaws, and her heart as she spoke for the sharks and inspired her community.”~Jess Redman, author of The Adventure Is Now


“Sav sets out to change the world like most of us―clumsily and with many a cringe-worthy caper. But it’s her willingness to grow that makes her the kind of heroine who genuinely makes a difference. I greatly enjoyed this read.”~Fred Koehler, author of Garbage Island


“An empowering book about finding your voice, learning from missteps, and how small changes at home can make waves across the world. It reminded me of Hoot by Carl Hiaasen and is a must-read for any young shark enthusiasts―or indeed anyone who cares about protecting wildlife.”~Lily Williams, coauthor of Go With the Flow and Look on the Bright Side