A year after her hearing loss diagnosis, twelve-year-old Rayne’s doing her best to live a “normal” life and act like nothing’s changed. But her hearing keeps failing her. Even with hearing aids, she has trouble following conversations and hanging out with her friends the way she used to. Her grades are slipping, surfing is a bust, and she can’t understand the lyrics to her favorite singer’s new songs. Rayne’s parents are pushing for her to get cochlear implants, which could restore her hearing—though she would hear sounds differently. 

Rayne isn’t convinced the surgery for CIs is worth the risk and challenges. In fact, she’s terrified of it. She begs her parents to consider other options, but they’re not budging. 

With the surgery looming, Rayne sets off on a search for alternatives. Along the way, she discovers that “normal” can have many meanings—and that even though her ears may be broken, she is not.

Carolrhoda Books: an imprint of Lerner Publishing

Cover art by Robert Sae-Heng

Praise for Hear Me

“Asterisks replace unheard words of dialogue in this moving middle grade novel . . .” ~The New York Times

“Cerra does a good job of presenting many of the pros and cons of cochlear implants, acknowledging that while they help some, they are not a cure-all.”

“Rayne is a likable protagonist, and readers will root for her.”

“An interesting story of a particular deaf experience. ”  ~Kirkus

“This empathetic, appealing story highlights Rayne’s journey to self-acceptance while also exploring her complicated but loving family relationships, loyal friendships, and a little romance.”Booklist

Hear Me is a thoughtful and empowering story about standing up and speaking out even when no one will listen. I’ll be thinking about Rayne long after closing the book.” ~Lynne Kelly, author of Song for a Whale

Hear Me is a brave and important book. Rayne’s story will open hearts and minds, and give young readers courage and hope.” ~Jarrett Lerner, author of the EngiNerds series

“Kerry Cerra has written an important, immersive read filled with so much heart. We are quickly pulled into Rayne’s world as she navigates her hearing loss journey from self-doubt to self-acceptance. I was cheering for Rayne every step of the way.” ~Danielle Joseph, author of Sydney A. Frankel’s Summer Mix-Up