Celebrate Shark Week with an Epic Contest!


If you’re like me, the movie “Jaws” likely made you fear the ocean for all eternity. I watched through slatted fingers and vowed never to go into the ocean again. But much later, my daughter took an interest in sharks and eventually majored in marine science—traveling the world to work with sharks. She taught me just how misunderstood they are, not to mention how critical they are for all living things on earth.


I’m thrilled that this book celebrates sharks and will hopefully clear up many misconceptions. With themes of shark and ocean conservation, activism, and disability awareness, I hope our main character, Sav, will swim her way into your heart.


Make a Little Wave publishes on October 1, 2024, but you can preorder now. And if you do, you’ll be entered to win some prizes.  Here’s how the contest works.


  1. Preorder your copy of Make a Little Wave wherever books are sold. I highly recommend your local indie bookstore, and if you need suggestions for some of my favorites, click here and then look at the sidebar on this page for Make a Little Wave.
  2. PM, DM, Text, email, etc., to send me a copy of the receipt for the purchase.
  3. Make at least one social media post that shows the book cover and tells something about the book. Examples: why you’re excited to read it, what you’re looking forward to, comments about the cover, or something along those lines. Be sure to tag me so I can record your entry. (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Threads, X, BlueSky all count)



  1. A $40 gift card to the indie bookstore of your choice or to Amazon.
  2. Two copies of the final hardback edition of Make a Little Wave and one copy each of Just a Drop of Water and Hear Me donated to the school and/or public library of your choice. That’s a total of 4 books donated in your name. For shipping purposes, the bundle must go to a single school or library.
  3. Shark swag


If you’ve already preordered, you’re still eligible. If you buy more than one copy, you’ll be entered once for each purchase.


What does preorder mean? You pay now, and on or around October 1st, the book will be shipped directly to you without you having to do anything more. Super easy!


Preorders matter so very much, and I really appreciate your support. Let’s make some good waves.


DEADLINE: July 15, 2024

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