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I’m always excited to hear from readers. Here are most ways you can reach me:


For any rights pertaining to my book, Hear Me, please contact my agent Janine Le at Sheldon Fogleman Agency,

For publicity questions, please contact Lerner/Carolrhoda Publishing.

If you need information pertaining to film or any other rights to Just a Drop of Water, please contact Liza Fleissig of the Liza Royce Agency

For publicity questions, please contact Sky Pony Press.


As a former teacher, it goes without saying that I love to interact with students! I have presentations for students and/or book clubs in grades 4 through 12 and vary them accordingly.

*For a half a day (up to three presentations), the fee is $600.

*For a full day (up to six presentations), the fee is $1,200.

*If travel is required, additional transportation costs and hotel fees will be added.

*I ask that you work with a bookseller in advance to have copies of my novel available for purchase on site or pre-orders done in advance.

*In many cases, I can be flexible on the prices/time above. Shoot me an email to work something out.

20 minute Skype sessions:

For any classes that have read my book in advance, I offer free 20 minute Skype sessions, provided the teacher works with their students to create meaningful questions beforehand. Since time is limited, it’s more productive to answer questions about reading, writing, research, history, being an author, etc. rather than questions about what I ate for dinner or where I got my scarf. Kids are awesomely curious creatures, but let’s make this time together count!

Note: A hearing loss does not keep me from doing school visits. 🙂 However, question and answer sessions—which is my favorite, as I love the direct interaction—can be challenging. I ask that if we meet in an auditorium or cafeteria that you have a microphone available, and I will ask students to come up and present their questions next to me. In a classroom setting, it’s been helpful to have kids write their questions down as I speak, and when we get to Q/A they can ask me the question while I read it from the card. I thank you so much for being accommodating to this need.

I look forward to working with you and meeting your students!

Testimonials from elementary, middle, and high school teachers and/or librarians:

“After reading Just a Drop of Water, having the author, Mrs. Cerra, come in to talk with my students gave the students a real sense of what an author goes through as he or she creates a novel. A great experience for all my students. This visit helped make their writing more meaningful.” Debra Yost, 8th grade language arts teacher Ramblewood Middle School

“Ms. Cerra just glowed with interest and excitement about her subject. She connected amazingly well with my students and inspired them as young writers.” Maureen Daffner Creative Writing teacher JP Taravella High School

“Mrs. Cerra spoke in two assemblies for the 4th and 5th graders. A former teacher herself, she knew just how to present–immediately connecting to the students and sharing her love of learning and writing using visual examples—notes, diagrams, research and experiences that she used in developing her story. One could see from the students’ enthusiasm and the questions they asked, the impact she had. She even did an exercise with the students that demonstrated how to connect to others who are different from your self and make them a “friend.” “Create peace” and “be the hero you are inside” were themes that permeated the book. It was a history and writing lesson wrapped into one. My students returned to the classroom asking numerous questions about 9/11 and if they could write and use some of the techniques that Mrs. Cerra had shared. She had accomplished in a one-hour assembly what teachers attempt to do every day. Inform, instruct, and inspire.”  Marla Press, 5th grade teacher, Westchester Elementary School

“Kerry Cerra offers so much more than your typical author. She spoke to my ninth and tenth grade students in an intimate setting, and made her visit most personal by bringing actual writing examples and book production pieces. My high school students were engaged the whole time and really appreciated who relatable Cerra was. Just A Drop of Water had them thinking beyond the classroom, what more can a teacher ask for!” Kelly Grady, Reading teacher SPHS

Kerry O’Malley Cerra’s presentation to the creative writing students was superb! The students were engaged from the very beginning to the official Hollywood-style “The End.” Mrs. Cerra generously shared her many writing tips/secrets of the trade and visuals, especially the plot clock that she explained in wonderful detail using her newly published award-winning book, Just a Drop of Water. Her presentation is a must for anyone interested in writing. Highly recommended and inspiring!” Ann Panoch, Media Specialist, NBCT

Testimonials from students:

“I like that she told the truth, she worked on a book for eight years before getting it published!” Jackie Montalvo, 9th grade SPHS

“Ms. Cerra really took time to answer our questions, and she was honest about the process.” Roshane Pickersgill, 10th grade SPHS

“I enjoyed how Mrs. Cerra explained the illustration process. I had no idea she didn’t get to design the cover! Having an author come speak to my class was a fantastic experience and one that I will remember.” Brianna Covin, 10th grade SPHS

“I learned so much from her writing tips that gave me confidence as a writer.” John Caravallo

“Ms. Cerra was informative, creative and full of great writing ideas.” Isabela Roselione

“The presentation inspired me to pursue my dreams in writing.” Alexis Taveras

“Her explanation of her journey as a writer and the tricks of the craft she shared provided me with great new ideas for planning and structuring my work. They made a future as a writer seem closer to reality.” Ancy Jose Varghese

Just a Drop of Water provides a powerful insight of the hardships of post 911 life, hearing Mrs. Cerra speak of the characters made them seem real.” Samantha Hevia, 8th grade student

“This novel helped me understand 9/11 and the struggles going on in America.” Acacia Jones, 8th grade student

“Mrs. Cerra helped us understand how to develop a character and how to make a character feel real within our own writing.” Laura Castro, 8th grade student

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