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School Visit: All Saints School

Guys, I had so much fun visiting All Saints School this week. It was my second visit in two years, and while I spoke to the entire middle school the first time around, this time was super cool because I visited first with the 8th graders alone and then with the sixth graders. I love having more individual time with kids in a smaller setting. It feels more personal, and we have better discussions.

The middle school literature teacher, Cindy Gress, is passionate about books and reading and writing. Is there any better type of educator? He enthusiasm has spilled over into every single one of these kids. Case in point, she introduced her eighth graders to NaNoWriMo, and they are now eagerly plotting novels before they begin the challenge of writing an entire book this November. Guys, even I’ve never been brave enough to tackle NaNo, and these kids are going for it. I can’t wait to check in with them along the way and see how things are going. I tried to impart a little help regarding plot, character development, raising tension, and so forth, and I hope some of the pointers will help them along the way.

When it was time for the sixth graders to come, I waited in the classroom while Mrs. Gress retrieved them from their previous class. She’d told me they were super excited to meet me–after having read my book for their summer reading assignment–but I was not prepared for how excited they were. Seriously, one girl nearly broke down crying when she first saw me. I’m talking on the floor, doubled over, couldn’t catch her breath excitement. For me! Pretty crazy. I spent the next hour giving hugs, answering questions, signing books, and enjoying the company of some amazing kids.

I really love my job!


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