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Book Review: THIS IS NOT THE ABBY SHOW by Debbie Reed Fischer

This Is Not the Abby ShowThis Is Not the Abby Show by Debbie Reed Fischer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am notoriously tough when it comes to judging a book for its humor content, but I can honestly say I laughed my way through most of this one. Prior to reading THIS IS NOT THE ABBY SHOW, I had little knowledge of ADD/ADHD other than the negative stigma that is so often attached to the diagnosis. I’m grateful that this book allowed me inside Abby’s head to truly experience her thoughts, her desperate desire to control her impulses, but mostly witness her hope to be accepted for who she is despite all of those things. Every single character touched my heart, yet I was especially fond of Abby’s circle of new friends—each phenomenally unique and warm. The world is better for having this book to offer, and I applaud Debbie Reed Fischer for tackling this subject, not only from a female point-of-view, but also in a way that will impact readers for generations. Get ready to laugh, you guys!

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